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About the Foundation


The Weiner Nusim Foundation operates according to the following key guiding principles:

The Weiner Nusim Foundation's free programs:

  • Offer teachers and community groups valuable print and electronic educational resources that increase classroom effectiveness while requiring minimum preparation time.

  • Provide students with highly motivational interactive educational materials that have unique appeal.


As a not-for-profit organization, The Weiner Nusim Foundation:

  • Reacts quickly to topical and current educational trends and student needs.

  • Works closely with educators to ensure teacher satisfaction and effective content.

  • Builds trust and respect of educators by providing professionally prepared and sound instructional materials.Offers an experienced creative team comprised of knowledgeable educators, educational publishing professionals, and community and business leaders.

  • Promotes arts education, literacy, health and safety education, violence prevention, and the social sciences.



Theater Arts


Decorative Arts & Design


Health & Well-being


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